Ama Pure

Our primary aim was to retrace the Italian handcrafted products, and to reestablish the quality that existed back in time. 5 years ago we created AMA PURE, a capsule of unique products known for their softness and their long-lasting quality. All our products are exclusively made-by-hand in Italy. AMA PURE as a brand of authentic, timeless, wearable art. Driven by authenticity and integrity, AMA PURE is the ultimate expression of raw materials and pure fabrics that hold a soul and carry a story of their own.
We are deeply connected to the natural resources and are committed to preserving the environment , We stay away from all types of mass-produced pieces. All our products are hand made and machine-washable (wool program). STOLAS, 100x200cm, 100% pure cashmere (hand painted, hand printed, hand sprayed). 

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