Olé Lynggaard 2021

Olé Lynggaard 2021


“LeSpot Brand Experience” · November 2021

The concept:
A selection of LeSpot members are invited as micro/ Influencers to experience a brands’ universe, as insiders.

The brand is able to transmit to our members its values, its creative passion, the particular way they embody their savoir-faire, the way they are inspired.

Our members benefit from an experience that money can’t buy, the privilege of living a brands universe from within, experiencing the brands know-how, its culture, its roots. It is also a very rich human experience of sharing wonderful moments with friends, or discovering new friends.

LeSpotBrandExperience is also a wonderful and very authentic way of creating and generating genuine quality content that is diffused in the several le spot micro media.


LeSpotBrandExperience can be though of in very diverse formats: an exclusive event, a week-end trip, a full week voyage, it can be built around a city, a theme, sports… the sky is the limit.




Here enclosed, is an illustration of one of the several Olé Lynggaard Experiences that LeSpot has organised for its members.



We were invited by the Lynggaard family as micro/ Influencers to experience the Ole Lynggaard brand as insiders.

It is the story of a very beautiful family who lives their passion through jewelry, who live by creation. We have talked about inspiration with their chieff designer Charlotte Lyngaard, we’ve experienced the full production process, we’ve exchanged with the goldsmiths in their workshops, we had lunch with their CEO Søren and the next gen, we then discovered their collections and the entire ecosystem that revolves around them.

Olé Lynggaard organized for us a unique visit to its native city, to the rhythm of the Danish lifestyle: we had lunch at the Louisana Museum, Christmas dinner at Charlotte Lynggaard’s beautiful home, we went for a boat trip in the chanels, visited the very free city of Christiana, and some of even kite-surfed! ... a trip as we love them, a confidential insiders’ trip, an unforgettable stay!



It was a wonderful weekend that enabled us to discover the city's hidden treasures, its culture, to experience the brand’s values, a wonderful human experience, whilst creating and generating genuine content.